This is the web site of Lenimentus, the company owned by Peter ten Wolde. The web site of Peter ten Wolde, the public speaker on Factfulness is here.

Founded in 2006, Lenimentus provides services in the areas of Performance Management and Process Improvement.

As seasoned Project Managers and Solution Architects Lenimentus delivers expertise in the areas of:
  • Performance Management

    • Definition of key performance indicators and (balanced) scorecards

    • Design of reporting and analysis solutions

    • Architecture design of management information infrastructure to deliver "one context of the truth"

    • Selection of performance management applications

  • Process Improvement using Theory of Constraints

The services provided will give you tangible and sustainable results as a result of our strong belief in the following concepts:

1. There should always be a holistic view on the bigger picture and goal, as supposed to focus on the details too much too soon.

2. A system can only be successful if the people that use it understand and believe in the benefits of the system. Therefore communication is pivotal in any implementation (how many times have you heard this? Now let's actually do it).


If the content on this web site triggers your interest, please contact us for a discussion how we can deliver value to your organization. While being based in The Netherlands, we do work globally depending on the project1.


1 While our business requires us to travel quite extensively, we do realize our responsibiity towards the environment. All our air travel is compensated via Greenseat.com

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